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Atlanta Vending Machines FAQs


Thank you for your interest in the Eagle Vending Company.

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Drink Vending Machines

1. What types of cold drink/soda vending machines will you install?
A: We install and service Coke vending machines and Pepsi vending machines in the metropolitan Atlanta area.

2. What drinks do you supply?
A: We supply a wide variety of canned and bottled beverages including water, soft drinks, juices, sports drinks, teas and energy drinks.

3. Can I choose the selections I want in my machine?
A: Yes, Eagle Vending wants you to be happy with the products and services we provide - and that includes your choice of vending service in Atlanta.

4. Can I receive cans and bottles in the same machine?
A: Yes, that's not a problem.

Snack Vending Machines

5. What size snack vending machine do you provide?
A: We install both 36 select and 45 select snack machines. We do not provide smaller, tabletop snack vending service.

6. How do you determine the selections?
A: We will ask for your preferences on what's stocked in your machine/s. Eagle Vending provides a variety of candy, chips, pastries, crackers, nuts, cookies, popcorn and granola bars.

7. Can I see healthy selections in my snack machine?
A: Yes, we carry a wide range of selections that are low in sugar, fat, and carbs. Most of the selections we stock carry zero trans fats.

Cold Food Vending Machine

8. How many employees do we need in order to have a cold food machine installed?
A: Generally, we recommend cold food vending machines for Atlanta organizations with more than 100 employees. But we'll be happy to visit your location to see if there is enough potential volume to support a cold food vending machine.

9. Do you carry healthy selections in your cold food machines?
A: Yes, our machines carry yogurt, fruit cups, whole wheat sandwiches, soups, and other healthy choices.

10. How do you prevent having items spoil in your machines?
A: All perishable selections are marked with an expiration date and are discarded when they reach that date. In the event of a cooling or electrical malfunction, the machine will automatically shut itself down until a technician can inspect and reset it.

Coffee Vending Machine

11. What products will your vending service supply in your coffee vending machines?
A: The coffee vending machines Eagle Vending installs provide fresh-brewed coffee, decaf coffee, hot chocolate, French vanilla cappuccino, creamer and sugar in both 8- and 12-oz. cups.

12. What brand of coffee do you use?
A: Our machines brew S&D Columbian Blend Coffee, the same company that provides coffee to Dunkin' Donuts and McDonalds.

Office Coffee Service

13. Will the same person who loads my vending machines also provide the office coffee service?
A: Yes, we carry all products on our trucks. Eagles Vending is an Atlanta vending company that also provides office coffee service to many of our customers.

14. What brand names do you stock?
A: We carry Maxwell House, Folgers, Starbucks, Yuban and S&D Coffee.

15. What are your terms?
A: Net 30

16. Do you provide filtered water coolers?
A: Yes, we supply "Pure 1" filtered bottled water coolers at a monthly rental fee.

Other Questions

17. Do you provide new vending machines?
A: All of our machines are either new or like new. All Eagle Vending machines are clean, refurbished and in good working condition.

18. Can we get revenue from our vending machine sales?
A: Yes, many of our locations receive a percentage of their sales back in the form of a commission. Just ask us how you can get involved.

19. How can I find reputable vending companies?
A: Look for a vending machine business that has built a reputation of quality service for many years by checking their references, and by visiting both their locations and their facility. References for Eagle Vending are available upon request.

20. How long will it take to have machines installed?
A: Eagle Vending usually installs our vending service machines within 48 hours.

21. Do you require a contract?
A: No.

22. Is there a charge for your vending service?
A: No.

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