Vending Machines Atlanta

Eagle Vending strongly supports the goal of healthier snacking among our children. In fact, we have three routes dedicated to schools where young people have easy access to snacks containing reduced sugar, fat, cholesterol, and sodium. We share the nutritional concerns of today’s parents and school administrators.

Eagle Vending is fully equipped to serve the school market. We understand local, state, and federal nutritional guidelines for snacks, as well as know exactly which snacks are compliant. And that’s not as obvious as you may think.

Schools Vending Machines Atlanta

We are careful to ensure machines have the proper balance of snacks so that every machine installed is school-healthy compliant. Besides compliance, Eagle Vending knows what you want: machines that are clean, well stocked, and work. And if something’s not right, you expect a rapid response, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Eagle Vending’s school solution offers another powerful benefit. Especially during tough times, when school funding lags behind, vending commissions can make a noticeable difference. Looking for additional funding for valued but vulnerable programs like school sports, music, drama, or counseling? With the high usage of school vending machines, your commissions can really add up!

Let us prove to you that Eagle Vending is the best choice for both school vending and annual vending commission programs! You can reach us at (770) 426-1969 or by fax at (770) 427-5150 for a no cost, no obligation consultation. We will be happy to answer all your questions.