Vending Machines Atlanta

At Eagle Vending we’re using technology to improve our operations and enhance our customers vending experience. Below are a few ways we’re utilizing technology both in the field and at our headquarters.

A Vending Business Ahead of the Technology Curve

Guaranteed Product
Delivery Systems

All snack machines are equipped with SureVend technology, using infrared lights to detect if a product was vended. If the selected snack does not dispense employees/guests get their money back.

Payment Options

Our machines accept cash (including big bills), debit/credit cards and mobile pay


Our machines are environmentally friendly with LED lights and Energy Star capabilities.

In-House Vending
Management System

Our vending management system allows us to: accurately report commissions, monitor machines remotely, pre-kit and merchandise our machines. In other words, our VMS tells us what product you need when you need it, making sure your machines are never empty.


LightSpeed is a powerful, yet simple vending pick system that provides a cost effective Light Pick solution for vending companies. With real-time inventory level tracking on our machines, we know exactly when refill your vending machines, so you’ll never run the risk of being out of stock. Eagle Vending is currently prekitting over 2000 vending machines weekly.


For more information on any of the services we offer or the technology we use call us today at (770) 426-1969 or email us at