Healthy Vending Options for Atlanta

Many consumers are looking for healthier alternatives when eating, and even in the work place many companies promote healthier lifestyles to their employees by health management assessments, discounts to health facilities and even healthier selections in their breakroom vending machines.

In Atlanta, Eagle Vending  is the leader in providing healthy alternative product selections in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. When looking for a vending company to meet your needs for your breakroom, you need to make sure that they are skilled professionals who are able to meet with you to establish a vending program customized to include healthier products.

One of the most easiest ways for a vending company to integrate wellness into your vending program is by offering you Fit Pick approved snacks.  If a vending company is a member of NAMA, they can offer you a variety of nutritional choices that meet the Fit Pick approval by identifying healthy product selections in the vending machines with a Fit Pick sticker.  It’s that simple! No more worries about having to break your commitment to eating healthy while at your work place.  With the right vending provider your office vending machines will always include a variety of products that are low in sugar and fat.

Large manufacturers like Nestle and Pepsico are also developing newer healthier products for the vending channel. Because Eagle Vending is unmatched in customer service, when those products become available they will always rotate them into the vending machines.

Eagle Vending encourages their customers to make suggestions to their highly trained route drivers. Eagle Vending has a team of qualified employees who will take product suggestions and incorporate them into the product mix.
It truly is a team effort to get the perfect selection of healthy products and Eagle Vending is flexible to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Here is a snap shot of healthier for you items in a vending machine.