Eagle Vending is Altanta’s Premier Full Service Vending Provider

German philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, theorized that “out of chaos comes order.” If he had spent even one day at your Atlanta vendor’s warehouse he might have changed his opinion to match that of Eagle Vending’s, which is this:

“Out of order, comes more order.”

To Eagle Vending their warehouse is the foundation of their company and at 40,000 square feet it’s a pretty big foundation. According to owner, Jimmy, the basic principle goes something like this: if the warehouse is clean and organized then the trucks will be too, and if the trucks are then their machines will be also.

It’s a theory that goes beyond basic principle and down to the details. When the warehouse was custom built 7 years ago it was made to hold 20+ vehicles. The benefits:

  1. On hot days drivers (and product) stay cool
  2. On rainy days drivers stay dry while loading/unloading their trucks (on days when trucks trek in rainwater or leak oil, puddles are cleaned up immediately)

The well oiled machine (so to speak) is managed full time by a retired marine of 20 years. Together with a part time assistant they clean, sweep, organize, inventory and rotate product daily.

In addition to a dedicated staff Eagle Vending has:

  • 4 huge exhaust fans to keep the warehouse temperature bearable in the summer
  • Controlled  temperature rooms for candy and pastry – alarms alert staff if temperatures increase above appropriate levels
  • A walk in refrigerator and freezer

Just as in organization, the control of temperature in the warehouse is meant to cause a ripple effect to the machines. Once candy/pastry leaves the controlled warehouse it’s put on trucks with cooler packs and only placed in machines in controlled environments (i.e in buildings where air is left on even during the weekends).

The attention to detail is unprecedented within the vending industry and stems from a firm belief that one thing leads to another.  Eagle Vending thru years of experience, a willingness to learn from their past and a dedication to quality service has set the bar without melting it! Call Eagle Vending today at (770) 426.1969 for a free consultation on your vending needs!

Vending Technology in Atanta…It’s Easy…It’s Simple…It’s Convenient!

In a land far, far away campus cards were used to gain students access to football games, the library or cafeteria and in this land clouds were what brought the rain. In the new world campus cards still do all the above and some clouds still bring the rain but now, both cards and clouds do much more than they once did.

In the old world cash was king but in 2012 plastic has overruled in many places, perhaps none more so than on college campuses, where the vast majority of the population belongs to an age group that is comfortable with swiping cards for every day purchases.

Cards have served their purpose well, making the purchase of school branded sweat pants and late night snacks convenient for all who use them; however, it appears that as technology continues to progress, campus and credit cards alike might become as outdated as cash.

With an estimated 65% of college students using smart phones and tablets, operators in Atlanta are looking at better ways to sale their merchandise and make purchasing even more convenient for their customers. How?

By looking to the sky.

IT professionals are currently perfecting the use of campus card technology in a cloud system. When available in addition to allowing a customer make a purchase with their phone/tablet it will open the opportunity for:

  • Loyalty programs
  • Coupons
  • Redemption Ticketing
  • Maps to connect buyer and seller

Although this technology may take awhile to be finalized and then even longer until it can be implemented on your local campus or workplace throughout Atlanta the good news is that it’s coming.

So in this case if your Atlanta vending service has their head in the clouds let them keep it there. Because if your Atlanta vendor is looking to improve upon the technology they use, they are probably more apt to consider the convenience factor in purchasing methods, the product that they offer and their overall vending service.

Want more information on exciting changes in the world of vending? Call Eagle Vending at (770) 426.1969  – Your Most Trusted Vending Service in Atlanta!