A Revolutionary New Way to Vend Your Favorite Snacks in Atlanta.

Snacks and television are a pair as old as time; from cereal and cartoons to wings and 40051diji_touch_4759 machinefootball there is something about your favorite snack and your favorite flat screen that makes everything else in the world seem right.

Kraft Foods and Samsung have taken this pairing to a whole new level, re-facing a standard snack vending machine with a 46” LCD touch screen, reinventing the way a snack is vended and enhancing the user’s experience.

How? With the Digi-Touch Interactive vending machine. With its interactive face consumers can:

  • ·         See digital images of products for sale up close
  • ·         Read nutrition facts of all items before purchase
  • ·         Read ingredients of all items before purchase
  • ·         Flip screen for easier viewing (especially convenient for customers in wheel chairs)
  • ·         Buy multiple items in one transaction
  • ·         Change their minds after selection

products1The Digi-Touch is easy, engaging and effective. In its first 2 weeks in a prototype market this interactive vending machine increased sales by 600%.

Not only is it popular but it’s smart too. The Digi-Touch machine tracks what was sold in your Atlanta break room, when it sold and how quickly it sold, allowing your Atlanta vendor to know what’s popular, and exactly when it will need refilled; resulting in accurate data reports and full vending machines.

If you want to enjoy your vending machines like never before, if you want to give your customers and employees something to talk about (in the best way possible), ask your local Atlanta vendor about placing a Digi-Touch vending machine at your location. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t believe us? Ask Michelle Obama who endorsed the machine during an anti-obesity press event.

Atlanta Vending Providers Embracing Healthy Products in Newer and Better Ways

Common negative stigmas are associated with vending machines. Can’t think of any? iStock_000015093945XSmallWe’re sure you can but just in case you can’t here are a few:

  • They steal your money or don’t take your money
  • Product gets stuck
  • They only offer junk food

To combat these negative images the vending industry has:

  • Embraced cashless technology
  •   Installed SureVend technology – using infrareds to detect whether or not a product has vended, ensuring your employees either get their product or their money back
  • Added healthy beverages and snack options to our product lines

imagesPerhaps the greatest advances have been in regards to point #3. Fitnessmagazine.com listed 10 healthy vending machine snacks that were low fat or fat free including: baked chips, peanuts, pretzels, popcorn, Nature Valley granola bars and even some cookies.

Although the acknowledgement that it’s possible to find healthy snacks in vending machines is appreciated, this list fails to do justice to the vast variety of healthy alternative options available in vending today.

If we were to make our own list it would include some of the following products:

  • ·         Gluten free itemsmontage
  • ·         Organic items
  • ·         Vegan items
  • ·         Beef jerky
  • ·         Be Kind bars
  • ·         Go Picnics
  • ·         Trail mixes
  • ·         PopChips
  • ·         Coconut water
  • ·         Sparkling water
  • ·         Fresh fruit

This list could continue for quite a bit longer but to save your scroll finger let’s just say this: healthy and vending are no longer anonyms but synonyms. Vending machines have progressed with the times and so have the products they offer.

For more information on healthy snack and beverage options available to the vending industry contact your Atlanta vending provider today.

Does Your Atlanta Vending Service Offer the #1 Snack in America?

In a country where concerns over obesity have been a popular platform in recent years you may find the results of a report by The NPD Group that listed fruit as the #1 snack in America surprising.

The NPD Group is a leading global information company that ran a two year study on Snacking in America. The report examined attitudes and behaviors about snacking as well Frische Früchteas what caused certain snacking decisions. The results for top snacks were as follows:

·         Top Snack Food (1st Place): Fruit

·         2nd Place : Chocolate

·         3rd Place: Potato Chips

Although it might be a surprise to see fruit listed first, it may not be quite so shocking when you consider the following:

·         Fruit is a snack consumed throughout the entire day as opposed to some snacks that are more likely consumed just in the afternoon or evening

·          Fresh fruit met 5 of the 7 needs the NPD Group listed as snacking motivators including:

o   Health and weight

o   Hunger satiety

o   Convenience

o   Routine/habit

o   Satisfying a craving

·         Fruit is popular with all age groups from children to senior citizens

·         Diet dilemma 2Healthier snackers (those who are more likely to choose fruit as a snack) eat more often between meals

With fresh fruit listed as America’s #1 snack don’t miss the opportunity to supply your employees with fresh fruit either complimentary through your pantry service or for sale through vending.

Ask your Atlanta vendor for information on their fresh fruit service; it might be the perfect way to support your health and wellness program while making your employees’ favorite snack readily available.