Vending Machines Dispenses Free Chocolate…The Dare to Be Tender Campaign

Kyana Gordon of PSFK blogs about a vending machines designed to dispense iStock_000017158509Smallchocolate bars when strangers hold hands. The “Dare to Be Tender” campaign from Milka, a swiss chocolate company, is doing this to raise awareness and spread a little tenderness throughout communities. Read the article and provide your two-cents on this unique promotion.

“We’ve seen many branded vending machine executions in the past two years that ask passersby to trade Facebook likes for Pepsi, yawn for a cup of coffee, or even take a three-minute break for beer but this new one from Milka, a Swiss-based chocolate company offers yet another angle for the Argentinian market. With the campaign slogan, “Dare To Be Tender,” the company encouraged strangers to have a little tenderness when interacting with one another.

A Milka vending machine was placed in a public space with a branded purple cow statue a few feet away. The vending machine had no slots for coins, so passersby had to figure out how to get access to the machine’s contents. Collaborative thinking and holding hands was the solution as they soon discovered – joining hands with one another to form a “chain of tenderness” between the vending machine and the cow prompted the machine to dispense chocolate bars.

Worldwide, the Mondelez brand has been hard at work getting people to turn away from their devices and become closer to each other. Watch the video below to see the heartwarming Milka vending machine in action.”

Watch the Video:

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Coca-Cola is Now Testing Vending Machines That Changes Price Based on the Weather

Chris Moran of Consumerist reports on Coca-Cola testing vending machines that BevMaxCokechange soda prices based on the weather. But counter to what one might immediately think, the prices were programmed to go down as outdoor temperatures rose. Read the entire article and let us know your thoughts on this new concept.

“When it’s hot as heckfire outside, an ice-cold beverage really hits the spot for most people; not so much when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. That’s why Coca-Cola has been testing a vending machine in Spain that charges a different price depending on the weather.

The machines offer a Minute Maid lemonade beverage and were placed at water and amusement parks for the last two summers.

While traditional wisdom might lead you to assume that the machine would charge more when it’s hotter outside, according to Supermarket News, the machines actually charged less when the temperature soared outside.

At outdoor temperatures below 84 degrees, the price was $2.40. When the temp. increased to 84-85 degrees, the price dropped to $1.70. If it broke the 86-degree threshold, the machines only charged $1.20.

Why the seemingly counter-intuitive pricing levels?

“The machines were designed specifically to increase trial of Limon & Nada as a thirst quencher in the summer heat,” a rep for Coca-Cola HQ explains to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, adding that these machines have not yet been used in other markets.”

Here is the link to the article:


Single Cup Brewers in Atlanta Offer Much More than a Single Advantage

There’s something about single-cup brewing machines that leave Atlanta office managers cup of coffee with cream and cinnamonscratching their heads. They tend to think that offices need the typical, traditional brewer to offer a “real” coffee service. A smaller, one-cup-at-a-time brewer can’t cater to the needs of a bustling office, right?

Well, quite honestly, single-cup brewers offer many advantages over traditional coffee brewers. And though they may not work well for every operation, they offer multiple advantages that traditional brewers just can’t touch.

krg-lg-b3000seMore Flexible. Every coffee drinker in Atlanta has his or her own preferences when it comes to coffee brand, flavor and strength…and single-cup brewers can cater to everyone’s unique palate. Choose from a variety of brands and flavors, including specialty drinks, such as lattes, cappuccinos, teas and hot chocolate. Also, choose your own coffee strength, with mild, medium and bold options.

Cleaner. No more pots with burned on coffee stains to clean. Also, no more spills to clean up from sloppy pours. Single-cup coffee machines don’t use pots. Each cup is prepared individually…and the machine takes care of the pouring.

Safer. With a traditional brewer, there’s always that concern of “did I leave the coffee pot blond holding cup of coffeeon?” Well, that worry doesn’t exist with single-cup brewers. There are no warming plates to keep brewed pots of coffee warm. Once a cup is made, the machine goes into standby mode. There’s no need to ever manually turn the machine off.

Easier to Operate. For those not familiar with making coffee, a traditional coffee brewer might be a bit intimidating. First, one has to properly measure the grounds depending on the type of coffee being made and the strength desired. Second, they need to understand how to operate the machine, which can be tricky from one brewer to the next. Single-cup brewers take the mystery out of making coffee. The user simply needs to drop in a K-cup, select the strength and cup size from the screen prompts, and hit the brew button. As long as there’s water in the machine, the perfect cup of coffee is brewed in a matter of seconds.

Obviously, every operation’s coffee needs are different, but it’s important to not disregard the many advantages of single-cup brewers. Don’t get caught up in the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” routine. You just may be leaving a better solution on the table. Call Eagle Vending today at (770) 426.1969 for a free no-obligation on your break room needs.

Are Peanuts Making a Comeback in Atlanta?

For years, peanuts have taken a backseat to other nuts. The almond, cashew and Planterspistachio all receive notoriety for their major health benefits, but the “lowly” peanut doesn’t get much fanfare. In fact, when you see a can of mixed nuts, it typically promotes the low amount of peanuts contained within…an insult to a nut already receiving little attention.

Well, Planters has recently decided to do something about it, recently launching a national pro-peanut campaign. The integrated campaign featuring the timeless mascot, Mr. Peanut (voiced by Bill Hader), will encourage people to “harness the power of the peanut.” Because, quite frankly, peanuts are a lot more nutritious than people give them credit.

Part of the campaign is a microsote — — which not only humorously depicts facts about peanuts, but also highlights their many health benefits.

•Peanuts deliver seven grams of protein per serving and six essential nutrients.

•Chock full of fat-burning manganese.

•Provides cell-building Vitamin E.

•A big source of dietary fiber, which promotes many elements of good health.

GenericLores M6The microsite also includes personal testimonials on the benefits of the powerful peanut, in addition to other fun elements, such as peanut swag and videos.

So the next time you head to your vending machine in Atlanta, don’t avoid peanuts. Instead, embrace them! Surely you’ll find several options to choose from that offer this powerful health food. And now you can select them with confidence that you’re doing something great for yourself. Call Eagle Vending today at (770) 426-1969 for a free consultation of your break room needs!

Atlanta’s Free Vend programs are more than just convenient, they’re healthier!

When looking at reasons why diets fail, one factor that always comes up…and will continue to be a challenge…is that “bad” eating is simply easier to do. Or, to look at it conversely, it’s hard work to eat healthy.

In today’s fast-paced society, time to grab lunch or prepare dinners is getting shorter and Businesswoman in cubicle using laptop and eating saladshorter…and, in turn, the lines at drive-thrus are getting longer and longer. And though more fast food restaurants are striving to provide healthy options, the healthy selections are still very limited, and those “bad” items seem to be in endless supply.

Fortunately, Free Vend programs from leading vending service providers in Atlanta offer an answer to this dilemma.

????Free Vend programs, such as office pantry setups or completely subsidized vending machines, offer—as one would expect from the name—free snacks, beverages and foods for employees.  Simply put, the company pays the entire expense for these items and the employees enjoy them as a fantastic fringe benefit…while also being a great benefit to the employer:

•Free Vending promotes meals and breaks to be spent at the office, increasing productivity.

•Employees view this as a major perk, even though it ends up being a nominal cost to the company.

•Feedback has shown employees see this as a morale booster.

•Typically offer greater selection, particularly with office pantry services.

But the ultimate benefit for everyone is Free Vend encourages healthier eating. By having Healthy nutritionfoods free and readily available at your Atlanta workplace, people are compelled to utilize the system. And given that these Free Vend programs typically offer a huge array of healthier and fresher options, they make it much easier for customers to choose something healthier to eat or drink.

Free Vend programs help eliminate one of the biggest excuses for failed diets by simplifying the selection of healthier foods and beverages, and make these selections free to boot. And, if more people are eating healthier…and achieving a higher level of overall health in the process…just imagine what this could mean for the productivity of your operation. Call your premier Atlanta vending provider, Eagle Vending at (770) 426.1969 for your free break room consultation.