The Power of Tracking for Atlanta Vending Operators

GPS’ and PNDs may be your company’s best bet to maximize profits, especially when 19_19you take into consideration the latest driving costs study presented by AAA.

According to AAA’s 2013 Your Driving Costs study, the cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the United States has risen by 1.96% in the last year (which may seem minuscule but when tailing a 14.8% increase from the year before is really just the cherry on top of a massive and expensive sundae).

11_11When you take into consideration that Atlanta vending operators today operate entire fleets of vehicles these rises in costs to maintain necessity vehicles are alarming. In an attempt to minimize this loss, vendors are beginning to implement GPS fleet tracking solutions, integrated with personal navigation devices (PNDs) to increase driver productivity and reduce fuel costs/wear and tear on trucks.

Here’s how they think these tracking systems can help:

·         Reports – Tracking fleets will allow Atlanta operators to produce reports on key metrics istock_reportsincluding idling time, fuel consumption and driving speeds

·         Appropriate Usage – This system would allow mangers to make sure vehicles are being used correctly (i.e. are at the right locations, are going the correct speed, aren’t idling for too long, etc.).

·         Routine Maintenance – GPS fleet tracking systems can be used to implement maintenance scheduling, which could help extend vehicle life and reduce repair costs (preventive work being cheaper than repairs).

·       iStock_000009898038XSmall  Reduce Windshield Time – Less time spent lost or in traffic equals more time filling machines/cabinets, which positively correlates to higher sales.

·         Geofences – These virtual fences can be set for individual routes throughout Atlanta, alerting managers if drivers are off their designated route.

You may be wondering why this matters to you. You really just need to make sure your Atlanta vending provider shows up when scheduled with the product you want. But in addition to learning other methods for saving costs (a think tank per say) it’s good to know that your Atlanta vendor strives to find new ways to save money because a person who saves money values money and if they value their money there is a good chance they will value yours. Furthermore, if costs are saved in other areas there is a lesser chance of a price increase on the products you love. To learn more about what Eagle Vending is doing to reduce waste, save money and save time feel free to contact us today at (770) 426-1969.


One Policy = Huge Change Thoughout Atlanta

According to Wikipedia (a very trustworthy information source) “mind over matter” is a Chocolatephrase that was popularized during the 1960s and 1970s and was originally used in reference to paranormal phenomena. Today it’s generally used to express the idea that the mind is more powerful than the body.
For example you may want a Snickers bar but if you are aware of the nutritional information for that candy bar you may rethink your choice. At least that’s what President Obama is hoping will be the case when he implements (as part of Obamacare) a new FDA mandate that will require calorie labels on all vending machines, allowing patrons to know nutritional information at the point of purchase (not after).
This mandate will affect all vending companies in Atlanta that operate 20 or more machines. Nationwide it is estimated that this will affect roughly 11,000 companies and nearly 5 million machines at the tune of $24 million a year.
The FDA is hoping that by enabling people to make informed decisions they will lower their daily caloric intake, estimating that if just .02 percent of obese adults ate 100 fewer calories a week, the savings to the health care system would be at least as great as the cost to the vending companies.
GenericLores M6Under the regulation Atlanta vending machine operators can install new software (touch screen units that display nutritional content of selected items) or can simply display paper summaries of the nutritional contents of all products within their machines. Although software units would be ideal they are also expensive (hundreds of dollars each) a costly expense that is unlikely to recap on investment on a majority of machines (some of which bring in less than $30 a week). And although paper options would be cheap they are also impractical and would limit the selections Atlanta vending providers could make available.
The good news (assuming you don’t like the new regulation) is that Atlanta vending saladproviders have a year to comply with the regulations in the mandate.
If you have questions/concerns get in touch with your Atlanta vending provider  to see how they plan to respond to the new mandate. Many vending operators have taken a great interest in the health of their customers for years and have already begun to implement programs to encourage healthier choices including: listing nutritional information on their websites, offering healthy snacking alternatives, and even displaying MIND (making informed nutritional decisions) units.Call Eagle Vending today at (770) 427-5150 for a free no-obligation on your break room needs.