Water, Water Everywhere in Atlanta

A recent report by Transparency Market Research shows that the global bottled water dasani_bottle_home_700market is seeing dramatic growth. How dramatic? To give you an idea the Asia Pacific market which made up 33% of the total demand in 2013 brought in $157.27 billion in sales. By 2020 this already impressive number is expected to reach $279.65 billion.
In the food and beverage industry bottled water is one of the fastest growing markets in Atlanta for a number of reasons, including:
• Growing health concerns
• Increasing disposable incomes
• Availability of functioning waters in various flavors (i.e Vitamin Water)
• Portability of hygienic water
• Launching of new innovative packaging
sparkleAnd as the water industry continues to grow it simultaneously continues to evolve. No longer is bottled water plain water, now in addition to still there are three other categories that bottled water can be placed in including: carbonated, flavored and functional.
So what does this practically mean for your office? It means that there are now more than ever a large variety of healthy options to choose from when looking at a beverage program for your break room, which is important for not only your employees health but for your bottom line.
Simply put hydrated brains run at optimum efficiency, which increases productivity in the Bottless Water coolersoffice or in the field.
Not sure what your options are? Contact your Atlanta vendor, Eagle Vending at (770) 426-1969  and ask about their bottled water. Vitamin Water, Hint Water, Sparkling Flavored Waters, Fruit Water, and Coconut Waters are all very popular in office buildings across the country.
And if you want to offer a water filtration option to your employees but don’t want to buy individual bottles/cases consider adding one item to your invoice; flavored drops (i.e. Dasani Drops) that you can place on top of water filtration coolers to encourage employees to drink more water.


The back of a bag of mini Oreos reads that this cookie is the perfect snack anytime, GenericLores M6anywhere. And according to a recent interview with Rachel Reed, Foodservice Business Manager for Mondelez-International (the company that brings you such favorite snacks as Oreos, Belvitas and Wheat Thins) snacks of all kinds are being consumed more regularly, everywhere including Atlanta.
As we enter quarter four of 2014 research suggests that people are snacking more often, with 51% of people snacking at least twice a day (71% of those that snack, do so in the mid afternoon).
Although the increase could be accounted for by various reasons the predominant belief is that the increase in snacking is a direct result of the broadening definition of what a snack is. Where before a snack was limited to cookies, chips, candy, etc now the term “snack” includes beverages and items previously viewed as meal options.
temp_file_temp_file_brand-landing-lunabar21Studies also show that 58% of snack are still made on impulse, where 39% are made with health conscious concerns in mind. These 39% of consumers are looking for fruits, proteins, fibers and nuts (gluten free products were up by 47% in 2013) but these health conscious consumers still want something to indulge in.
So what do all of these numbers mean for your Atlanta snack and beverage program? Whether you have vending or micro-markets in your break room, it looks like variety is the key to a successful program. People want options in price points, flavor profiles, healthy alternatives and portions. Although healthy options are on the rise, consumers still want snack time to be an indulgent time, so if you are leaning to 100% healthy, keep in mind that dark chocolate has health benefits too.
For more information on offering a well rounded snack and beverage program at your business call your Atlanta vendor, Eagle Vending at (770) 426-1969 . We’ll be happy to set up a program based on what’s trending at your office.