Choice Plus Healthy Program

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Eagle Vending has a great amount of experience setting up Choice Plus customers in the Atlanta area, including many local high schools. This hasn’t happened by accident, but instead from a concerted effort to become well versed on government school regulations/guidelines and working closely with school administration officials to better understand not only their needs, but also the demands of parents.

Choice Plus is our own nutritionist-designed offering of snacks and beverages, meeting and surpassing the latest research guidelines. These products can be implemented into any of our current vending programs, including our Avenue C and Smart-N-Go micro markets as well as programs for schools.

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Choice Plus Healthy Vending Program


Eagle Vending understands the importance of healthier snacks options. Not only are consumers demanding them, but offices and other facilities are seeing the advantages of achieving happier, healthier personnel. That’s why we’re being proactive about this issue with our Choice Plus program.


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