Qualified Route Drivers

Vending Machines Atlanta

As you can already tell, we take the vending business very seriously. The fact is, to succeed in this business, you need to be committed to your customers at all times. At the heart of this commitment is the route driver, who is basically the direct liaison with each customer.

We don’t just hire anyone to be a route driver for Eagle Vending. They must fit our culture of excellence and be as dedicated to providing premiere customer service. Beyond this, they must also go through our qualification process and comply with our strict guidelines.

Qualified Route Drivers, Vending Machines Atlanta

Atlanta Vending MachinesAll new drivers are required to have at least four weeks of training before they can have their own route. This includes studying our detailed training manual and riding along with other experienced drivers on their routes.

Otherwise, all potential drivers go through extensive background checks and drug testing before being hired. Getting behind the wheel of one of our delivery trucks is a big responsibility and commitment, and something we never take lightly.  


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