Single Cup Solution

Office Coffee Service Atlanta

Having difficulty meeting everyone’s individual coffee preferences? Tired of the mess associated with traditional brewing machines? And even more tired of old, burned coffee sitting in a pot all day, creating its own cleaning challenge?

Office Coffee Service Single Cup Solution Atlanta

Then consider our selection of Keurig single cup brewers. Regardless of the unique tastes and preferences throughout the office, single cup brewers cater to everyone…one cup at a time. Select from many different flavors available in three levels of strength: mild, medium and bold. Furthermore, the brewers are easily programmable for individual coffee profiles, allowing for customized settings of pre-infusion, brew volume and water contact time.


We are an authorized Keurig Distributor

Single cup brewers allow for specialtydrinks, such as café lattes, cappuccinos, teas, ciders, hot chocolates, and more. And with the convenience of K-cups, there’s no mess or pots to deal with. Just pop in the K-cup, keep the brewer filled with water and put nearly any sized cup under the spout. Our single cup brewers will deliver a great tasting, hot beverage in a matter of seconds.

Get quality and convenience by the cup full. Contact Eagle Vending today for a free consultation on adding single cup brewers to your location. Call (770) 426-1969. Fax (770) 427-5150.